Friday, November 05, 2004

Political repercussions

Wow, an exciting week. Somebody at my house was really stuck on the elections. After weeks of watching every TV show and complaining about the Republicans, we ended up with a group over to watch election returns. I picked up two bags of Chinese food from a local place we just found out about. Not much cheering going on in front of the TV, but the food was good and I got two new lights installed in the garage and cleaned out that slow drain in my bathroom sink (I wasn't going to sit and watch, no matter the results) and the group sadly broke up around 11.
As a result of it all, we have now cancelled the subscriptions to our newspapers, one local, a real Republican paper, and the Wall Street Journal. I like the WSJ as it has some fairly detailed articles on things you don’t normally hear about. But they were pretty one sided in this election. On the Friday before the election one editorial stated in bold letters that the Journal does NOT endorse any candidates, and then the seven other editorials on the page proceeded to denigrate Kerry and talk about how great Bush was. It was pretty evident from the two editorial pages the direction they were leaning in, no matter what they said about endorsement. We’ve also stopped watching the TV news, and now put on the commercial free cable music stations. We can watch TV as long as it’s the food or home improvement or movie channels.
We’ve even started to look into New Zeeland. That sounds pretty maximum, but we look at a bigger Republican majority in the house and senate, along with a probable appointment of several Supreme Court judges. All lead by the movement in the country to repress civil liberties, and impose religious ideas upon us all. It is the vote of the citizens that put us here, and continues to move us into a repressive direction.
So we have decided to join the majority of the population, and live in ignorance. We know it affects our lives via taxes and loss of job opportunities and increased repression and National Guard troops at the airports and National Guard planes shooting up public schools (yea, just read about it) and creation of national databases on what hotels I stay at and planes I fly on. We can live without knowing about these things being put in place, and just surface to vote based on stupid single micro desires. Some people at work came up with these reasons for their vote: 'I don't want gays to marry', 'God doesn't want the killing of a fetus that can't cry', 'The world is safer now that Sadam is out', etc........ Don't look at the big picture, or the economy which really affects your life, or the over 1100 troops killed, or .... (come on, you've heard it before, too many times and IT DIDN'T MATTER TO THOSE PEOPLE ANYWAY).
The other choice is to leave. Then we will be subject to whatever laws are present, but can kind of look at it as non-voting outsiders. We’ve considered Canada, Vancouver is kind of nice. But after all these years in San Diego and Las Vegas I don’t want to face the cold and snow again. I love France, but probably could not work without knowing how to speak and read French, so that isn’t a quick option, but it is there. And their political system is even more screwed up than ours, with numerous strikes and all. For English speaking countries, England is nice but cold. Australia is full of beer drinking Aussies (nothing against Aussies, but...). New Zeeland has Hobbits, and now that the Dark Lord is down from his tower it should be a pretty nice place. And I hear they encourage computer people to come in. We are looking into weather and our dogs and house prices. Probably a trip in the Spring (their Fall) to find out.
On to something completely different:
In reading some of the comments on Annies Little Red Boat I came across a few web sites that are rather interesting (???). One sounds like a great idea, a cheap way to found your own country: Sealand is currently the smallest state on earth. It doesn’t look like a place I’d like to live, not many trees, but no taxes or Big Brother to watch over you.
Two sites that show you can put up a web site on anything, busstops IN THE Ukrane and pylon of the week show how simple you can be, and thanks to these references, along with all the others, probably with lots of hits.

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