Wednesday, November 10, 2004

more more at work and home

Last Monday we had an IT staff meeting. I usually work from 7 - 4, but was in the middle of something at 4:30 when told that I should stick around. Seven programmers, five IT techs, the two owners, the president and the ceo all in the conference room. This was my first contact with one of the owners. I have already relayed (several times) contacts with the other.
What resulted was a three hour session telling us all how useless we were, and how things better change or the next meeting will be with a whole new staff. It was very uplifting.
The owner I had not seen before did most of the talking, telling us how when he started eight years ago he wrote all of the programs by himself, and had no problems and how the f**k he could have seven programmers and get complaints all day about crashes and errors and bad reports when he did it all himself perfectly. The other owner only spoke up a few times, because it was a technical meeting and what the f**k he didn't f**king know f**k about f**king computers (I think I'll switch to one *, less pressing the shift key, you can fill in the f and *k yourself). But if * we * couldn't * get our * act together * well we * could * find * another * job, as he * was * done with * putting the * up with * from * us and he * well would * find another * crew to * do * the * stuff * we * couldn't.
There were probably a lot more * between the other words, but again I forgot my tape recorder.
End result, after three hours (5pm - 8pm), we had better shape up. Real end result: most of us left that meeting and spent the rest of the evening at home cleaning up our resumes. We've had * enough of all the * words.
Yesterday my manager (only been here a month or so) asked if we had seen Sunday's paper. He said they were advertising for all of our * jobs, except for his. And he would not be surprised if the owners came in on Wednesday or Thursday and 'canned our asses' and replaced us all, except for him, so we better get moving. I thought we were doing well the past week, but it's all in the perception. Again, his uplifting style resulted in us all moving faster (to send off those resumes we cleaned up).
One programmer has already given notice, and I know of a few interviews people are going to this week. (that reminds me, I have a call back to do myself)
REally exciting, huh? Anyone out there want a job?

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