Thursday, March 04, 2004

Wynn construction

Driving around yesterday. I had an appointment on Highland Ave, down near the strip right off of 15. The area along 15 is an industrial area, with no houses, lots of older businesses, the railroad tracks, and the only area in town where 'adult' businesses are permitted.
Las Vegas used to have nude entertainment in the casinos but then in the 80's Circus Circus came to town and the focus changed from catering to adults (meaning old men with money) to families. The nude shows disappeared and the family themed resorts came to town. Las Vegas passed some new zoning ordinances restricting adult oriented places. The restrictions included being a certain distance from homes, churches, etc. and keeping businesses separated from each other. This resulted in restricting these adult businesses to the industrial areas of town. The main area is just along 15, close to the strip but not on it.
Driving east down Desert Inn Road just before 15 there is the most advertised place called ‘Jaguars’. Fairly new, it currently is in the news because the owner is under indictment in San Diego and Las Vegas for bribing elected officials. The LV city council just fined the owner of Jaguars and another club called Cheetah's over one million dollars, without even having a conviction or anything.

The building supposedly looks like a Roman structure, with big pillars out front. There is also a billboard with about the largest breasts you will see in town. In the distance you can see a building under construction.

This is Steve Wynn’s new Wynn Resort, formerly called Le Reve, on the corner of Desert Inn and the strip (Las Vegas Boulevard). Wynn is about the best known name in town, having built the Mirage, Treasure Island, the Bellagio, the Venetian, Mandalay Bay and the Aladdin. He sold everything a few years ago and is putting his money into the new place, due to open next year. The 45-story tower with construction cranes overhead can be seen from all over the valley.