Thursday, March 18, 2004

Thoughts about links

I was having an email conversation today with someone, and started thinking about web and blog links. I have a list of 'standard' sites that I go to on a daily or every other day basis. Sometimes if I have time I then start clicking on the link lists that I find on these pages, which lead to more link lists and eventually I end up on some pretty strange pages that I never would have looked for or even imagined. Some days this consumes a great amount of time, and I end up wondering why it's starting to get dark in my office when I just had lunch. Yea, five hours ago and you've been bouncing around doing nothing useful. Most of the sites don't end up on my 'I've got to go there again' list, but some do go into the 'strange places' list that I visit once in a while.
Then again, what is considered a good way to spend your time? If the bills are being paid, we've got food and feel like we are living OK, then why not take some time to have fun? I don't sit in front of the TV all day, don't spend hours staring at internet porn (though it feels like it some day with some of the link paths), and don't spend lots of money racing dune buggies or motorcycles or whatever my neighbors do with their time.

This isn't really about Las Vegas, after spending more time looking at blogs I guess I felt like just talking tonight.

So, here are some of those 'strange places' sites that I've come across. Some of the ones listed here will make it over to the right side of this screen, to sit as places to go for readers that chance upon this site and are looking for somewhere else to go.
Let's start out with a lifestyle that I would never go for - Lizardman who has gone way past 'just one tattoo'.
For those of you with a high bandwidth (it does take long to load) here's a video trailer for the movie Jesus Christ, vampire hunter. Another strange music video that came up is Sumo florist, which is again a little strange, especially the guitar players and the singers at the end.
After a trip to London, I have a place on my pages for sites that offer a glimpse of what the big city is like. One of my favorites is London Underground which covers the tube. Another, though in a slightly different vein, is belle de jour, the thoughts of a woman in a different profession.
Passed on by one of the London sites, it didn't look like too much at first but this person really can write well, Little red boat. Another good writer on an American city is Rob Walker's letters from New Orleans.
And finally two visual sites, one by a photographer with a really nicely laid out site (be sure to click around and see all of the pictures) is Eccentris - photographs, it does load a little slow due to the Flash stuff. And finally a strange attitude but really good with Flash cartoons is Joe Cartoon, home of the famous gerbil in a blender (and microwave, and light socket).

Not wanting to leave without at least one picture, here's yesterday's sunset.