Monday, March 15, 2004

Favorite Houses

Walking around the neighborhood today I went past several of the houses that I always look at. The first is a house that I mistook for an office building the first few times I drove past. It's right down from a busy street, with offices just next to it.

The left side has doors for four cars and a double height garage for a motor home.

The next one I always look at as the stereotypical Las Vegas house. Here you can really do things that the rest of the world would consider odd, or excessive.

The front yard (and I think the back, but you can't see it too well) is almost totally filled with statues. Not little things, but concrete statues over fifteen feet high. The assessor web site shows it as 3 bedroom, 6 bath, 6800 sq ft, five fireplaces, assessed last year at over $2,000,000. The current owner has been in it since 1986, and has really put an effort into making it their ideal. It's a nice looking place, brick with purple roof and shiny copper surround. I always drive slowly past it, admiring the effort that went into selecting several dozen hugh statues and fountains.
The opposite end of the front yard spectrum is just two blocks away.

This house has a front yard which is nothing but pile of dirt with a dead cactus on it. Towards the back of the left side there is also a small dead palm tree. Don't say it just happened, we moved here a year ago and it's looked exactly like this all of that time.