Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Neighborhood flowers

Keeping with yesterday's spring theme, I walked around the area today and took some pictures of things in bloom.

There are lots of street trees that are now in bloom, no leaves yet but covered in flowers. There are white ones, and pink ones like this tree.
There are several plants blooming in the low water gardens.

The yucca tree and Joshua trees are starting with large blooms at the branch tips. This flower is about eight inches across.

And a very popular native, the Yellow Broom is starting to fill out with flowers. These stay green all year but bloom for most of the summer. The bushes get quite big. This one is about four feet high and wide.
And for those of you familiar with these,

They aren't flowers, but seed heads. The yellow flowers are evident in everyone's lawn. Our area of grass is still a dormant brown. It will green up as it gets warmer, but there are green spots within that are the weeds. This is in a yard a few blocks away. The seed heads just looked so puffy in the sunlight I thought it was a nice picture.