Sunday, March 07, 2004

Tomato talk

Another sunny day. Guess that I can stop saying that, as that's what it will be for quite a while now. Yesterday's high was 76F, today was a little warmer. We went out to Plant World Nursery today, to hear the Tomato lady talk about planting tomatoes. You can tell that everyone is ready for Spring by the number of people buying flowers and plants today.

My pictures of the overall crowds didn't come out too well - I am still getting used to the new camera. As you can see, there were about 40 people listening to the talk.
Plant World Nursery is rather large, and has a great selection of plants. They also have a lot of parrots.

Which are quite noisy, the green one in particular wanted to join in leading our speaker. Some are friendly, and let you pet them and will sit on your arm, but there are signs all over warning that 'Our Birds Bite'.
We listened, and spent a bunch of money on an assortment of plants. Pentunias seemed to do quite well, so we bought a dozen in three colors to brighten up our front courtyard. Some larger desert plants for our dry area.