Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday follow up and Theresa

Last week I posted about one of the many uses of casino parking lots, in that case by the car dealers group to play. The result of all that rubber burning was this guy out there on Monday:

He had a lot of restripping to do. The next day this group was out in the same place:

With the yellow shirts, they are casino security who use bikes to patrol the parking garages. We’ve got a few over here, I don’t know where a group this size would work, unless they are from several casinos. I don't think they left as much rubber behind as the car group did.

I usually put up videos on Monday, but since reading about her in today’s paper thought it might be appropriate. I don’t remember this show – I’m not that old, but I do remember hearing the song on assorted TV shows.

Update: watching this again (yes, I sit at work and keep clicking on these things, gives me something to listen to besides fan hum) I noticed at the end the piano player standing up and dancing with her while the piano keeps playing. From the beginning scenes it sure looks like he's playing that thing, but if so then why does the music keep going while he's dancing? It was all live TV back then, one take, no dubbing, yes, deep philosophical questions going on in my head here. Looking closer, it must be a player piano, as in the first scene where he's pounding on the keys different ones are moving up and down. I like to look at the details - the women sitting in the background smiling (or not), the dancer jumping around, it's interesting to see how things are staged. Especially these older videos made from live TV appearences as opposed to newer music videos worked over for months on the sound and image computers.

This is probably where I saw her, on the Muppets (wouldn’t let me imbed a picture, click on it)

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