Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dogs on Tuesday

Busted! We had the train guys over on Saturday, with about forty people coming by for burgers and to talk toy trains. My group set up their modules, which are 2x4 foot tables with tracks and scenery that we connect together. Each of the modules has a short background board which is usually painted to look like the sky, but one of the modules had a photo mural across the back board. B thought it looked pretty good and figured my new modules could use a nice backdrop, so she thought that she’d search for desert scenes on the internet and then expand and print some, the way it was done on the module we saw. Well, off she goes into Google photos and is looking at desert panoramas and she comes across one that looks familiar – it should, it was a photo I took of our back yard several years ago and posted here. Well, she clicks on the pic and is taken back to a post I did in 2004, showing our yard changes. When I got home she said she had something interesting to show me – and took me over to the computer which was displaying that listing. Well, up until now I had never told her about my writings – hey, don’t yell, I haven’t lied, she never asked, and as she has probably figured out how to click on the link buttons, HI B – HOW’S YOUR TUESDAY GOING?

As I did last week, this Dogs on Tuesday post is in response to Deana’s Cats on Tuesday. Yes, I know she likes dogs too, but really needs some competition for those soft fuzzy lazy cats.

With B looking back a few years I noticed some old pictures that are still interesting. So, if you’ve seen these before, sorry, I’ll be taking new ones. Here’s Max sitting in the sunshine at our front courtyard gate.

Looks real tough, doesn’t he? Buster likes the grass, but I’ve caught him laying in back on the gravel snoozing in the sunshine, in the middle of July when it was 115f out. He likes the heat too.

And for a little contrast, here’s something we came across when visiting San Francisco a few years ago. At least I think it’s a dog.

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