Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dogs on Tuesday - Max

I started this to compete with Deana’s Cats on Tuesday posts, but now I see that she is including dogs so I really don’t have much to respond to. We don’t have any cats, so I cannot reciprocate and include both groups. Oh well, so I will continue with the dogs. Today we’ll concentrate on Max.

He looks like a toy terrier, but since we picked him up at the pound we really don’t know. He was about a year old when we got him, and he’s been with us for around twelve years. He is listed as a tricolor – mostly black and white, with a little brown spot on his side. The top of his head is getting grey with age, and he is moving a little slower.

Max has always been a hopper – bouncing up and down when he gets excited. But he has never been able to translate that vertical bounce into forward motion, so he always has a hard time jumping up on things. When he tries to get on the couch he ends up bouncing up and down with his paws on the edge, until finally he gets a little forward pitch and makes it up. But most of the time he is sleeping. His favorite spot is my pillow.

We do have small dog beds in the kitchen. Last week it was a little cool, and not having much hair Max is always shivering with the cold, so we have hot pads that we plug in and put under the beds. This results in his spending many hours laying there in the warmth.

The blue tape - well, that's the floor the kitchen came with when we moved in. We are laying out plans for a remodel, figuring out where the cabinets and a built in seat will go.

When he wants a treat he doesn’t just stand around waiting, he usually requests it.

And he’s the guard of the house, always barking at whoever walks by, he lays on the couch in the front room looking out of the window and barking at anything in the street, and he bites the ankles of anyone that dares come into his house. Well, he’s only ten pounds and can’t reach any higher.

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