Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hey Mickey

I usually miss postings on the appropriate day, but I think this one is correct, at least Norm says today is the 25th anniversary of this song hitting number one in the US.

Sorry, there are better versions posted but none of them allow embeded links. If you want to hear the best it's here.

Toni Basil made it big in the UK and Australia first (kind of like Kylie) and just hit it here as MTV started making it big, and was looking for videos. If you pay close attention you’ll find she is wearing her old Las Vegas High cheerleader outfit. Norm has a full story (as if you wanted to know) and says that Toni is due back in Vegas as Bette Midler’s choreographer for the show that replaces Celine in February.

Note: After reviewing this, I feel compelled to point out that Toni was almost 40 when she made this video. She still jumped around like crazy, and she still fit into her old high school cheerleader uniform. (Bossy?)

Probably one of the most widely used songs for cheerleaders worldwide, but you can see Weird Al’s version for something different (for you Lucy lovers)

Darn, I really like Al's remakes of songs. (but I've always hated Lucy)

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