Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday videos

Despite what Zoe requested, I’m going to keep putting up stupid videos on Monday, as there are just too many around. You’ll get E videos on Friday, so that you have something to look at over the weekend. I hope these are neutral and boring enough that the Twat won't care

For the past few week’s we’ve been seeing this commercial on TV quite regularly.

It’s Robert Goulet, who is a Las Vegas resident. Every time we see this all we could think of was plastic surgery, and how nice and smooth his skin was. (and stiff and masklike). But now Mr. Goulet is in a Los Angeles hospital with severe lung problems, so I figured that someplace I’d be able to find some of his old songs, the ones I used to hear a long time ago. But YT has somewhat let me down, or else they’ve been doing a good job at removing postings. He did quite a few very nice songs, becoming famous in the US after his role in the musical Camelot, and did have a marvelous voice.

I do remember him from Beetlejuice, playing the part of a dinner guest. The song I had in my head this weekend was his version of ‘If Ever I Would Leave You’, but again YT doesn’t have it. There is a version of Julie Andrews singing it, which I guess is appropriate, as she played Queen Guinevere opposite him in the musical.

Not to leave out the kids, I always like to give you a song for the kids to dance to. I can just see the Rooster bouncing around to this. Courtesy of Marie, it’s the Salmon Dance. It seems kind of like some of those dreams I have in the middle of the night. (and it's not a salmon, it's really a squirrel fish)

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