Monday, October 08, 2007

Dogs on Tuesday

In response to somebody (we won’t say who you are Deana) that favors cats, I thought I might start a ‘Dogs on Tuesday’ response. I just don’t take as many photos of my guys as some people do, so this might be a rather irregular regular posting.

I’ve discussed our two guys before, Max and Buster. Both are pound puppies that we’ve had for almost twelve years now. They each weigh about ten pounds. When we got them the vet estimated Max was about a year old and Buster was four. Max is the boss of the house, having come home a day ahead of Buster. He is the barky vicious one that bites the ankles of every visitor on their first (and second and third and twelfth) visit, as well as barking at anything that walks by. Buster follows, but often gets his butt bit as well, 'cause Max gets kind of excited and bites whatever is around.
Drinking my morning coffee and reading the paper on Saturday I looked over to see Buster apparently trying to finagle a morning treat.

Buster tries to be a lap dog, can you tell? And yes, he's got an underbite and always looks like he's trying to be mean even though he's a sweety.
Later Max was outside doing his normal supervisory duties. He always has to stick his nose into every hole we dig and approve every project.

But most of the time this is where you will find them, holding down the couch, and doing a very good job of it as we haven't had a couch float away yet.

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