Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fires in San Diego

Wow – San Diego does not look like the place to live right now. Over 300,000 people have been evacuated due to the fires, and over 1000 homes already burned. We lived just a little south of where the biggest fire is but have a lot of friends right in the middle of everything.

This was a NASA photo from a few days ago - the smoke stretches out several hundred miles to the west out over the Pacific. Sorry, I didn’t mark it up, but the fire sources from the lower right working up are: the Harris fire near Tecate along the border, the Witch fire by Escondido, the Rice fire by Fallbrook (the smallest wisp), the Santiago fire by Irvine, to the right the Grass Valley fire by Lake Arrowhead and then the Ranch fire by Santa Clarita. If any of you have been to Magic Mountain north of LA, that’s in the middle of the Ranch fire. As of Wednesday morning, 1,500 homes burned, over 600 square miles burned, and over 500,000 people evacuated – estimated to be about one home out of three in San Diego County.

Fires stretch all the way up through Los Angeles a hundred miles north, with parts of Malibu burning. The San Diego Union Tribune has some stories. And they also have some fire video.

Sorry, no doggy photos today, trying to track down friends and watch the reports.

If you live in southern California there is always the threat of fires, but usually when you are in the middle of a big city it’s fairly safe. One of the TV reporters I remember had his house burn. You can see how much wind there is.

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