Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday videos

Sorry I missed E Friday – off doing other things this weekend, and didn’t play computer at all. But I’m back at work today, taking my normal morning few minutes to put together some Monday entertainment, so let’s do some light bouncy stuff. (no Twat, not that kind of bouncy).

I don’t know what brought this one to mind, but something was in the air. Remember when this was big? Some DJ in SD locked himself in the studio and played it non-stop until they kicked him out. I’ll have to play it for E, I’m sure she’ll know how to dance to it.

Somehow this one floated up on the YT other video links.

Does that guy remind you of someone? – oh no, YT dropped all of the Saturday Night Live clips. Oh well, I was going to show you Dan Akroyd doing his Bass-O-Matic commercial, where he looked the same as Gunther. Well, let’s go in a totally different direction.

With Halloween coming up this almost fits in. OK, how many of the movies did you recognize? I’m sorry to say (well, not really) that I think I’ve seen almost every one of those old horror movies. Let’s have a little contest – email me with a list of the movies shown in here, and I’ll give a prize to whoever guesses the most.

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