Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday videos - hair

Let’s go back to some old music that I remember from years ago. This first one comes courtesy of Flip Flop Mama. She even admitted to singing it at karaoke. Well, it’s Hanna Montana’s daddy, so he is kinda in the news now. Any of you mommas pay $500 for tickets?

I do like his footwork, even if he is a cowboy in sneakers. Listening to this makes me remember the first time I saw a five year old with the exact same haircut, I could tell where his momma's mind was. We lived in San Diego, and a smaller city just a few miles east, Poway, was the southern California hub of $hitkickers and wanabe cowboys. I have to admit that there were some horses out in Poway, but to drive past (yes, I had customers out there) the new strip mall bars with old barn siding stuck on the outside and see a row of shiny new pickup trucks with hay bales in the back, that probably were back there for years just for the effect, seemed highly amusing to me. The hair in the audience is amusing now too, as was the line dancing. Is line dancing still popular? I haven't seen much of it recently.

Talking of country stars with hair, this one had just about more hair than anyone, introduced by some young guy with hair. Not from when it first came out, but the hair looks even longer. How do you manage that much weight on your head? As far as voices, I think hers is one of the prettiest voices I've ever heard, especially hanging on to those long blue notes.

OK, enough of the C&W stuff, and now for something completely different. I don’t think this is the original video, but it’s colorful enough. Sing along. Or dance if you'd rather do that. The kids are pretty good at bouncing around to this one.

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