Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mt. Charleston trees

Back to our walk up Mount Charleston a few weeks ago. There are a lot of trees up there, well, a lot compared to most of the desert and mountains of southern Nevada. Because it is still a desert up there the trees are not very big or numerous. But they are interesting. Most are pine trees, of the assortment found out in the west.

We had some thunderstorms a few weeks ago, and it was cold enough to come down as snow up on the mountain. With the addition of some man made stuff the ski resort up there was able to open for the weekend, and was quite proud to advertise that it was the first ski resort to open in the country for this ski season. All of the white stuff up there has melted as it has warmed up again (it's 29c - 85f right now down here) but another cold front is moving in. Ski season usually starts with Thanksgiving weekend so this was quite early.


stephen Hayes said...

I've never been on skis, which is a good thing for these trees because I'd undoubtedly plow them down when I came screaming down the mountain out of control.

karen said...

Lovely real tree trunk photo!(not that I didn't enjoy the metallic one in the earlier post!) Can't imagine snow and skis right now, as it is swelteringly hot over here!