Friday, October 28, 2011

E Friday - short hair

We haven't done an E Friday for a while, and I've got a small backlog of photos, so here are some of them.

As a new reader E really concentrates on understanding what books are trying to tell her. Usually you can almost hear the gears grinding in there as she studies things, and sometimes it shows. But I guess learning to read is a serious thing

Since that photo she has had her hair cut. Recently they went on a trip up to Seattle, and ended up in the top of the Space Needle looking over the city. I guess this is more fun than reading, so a smile can come by once in a while

Also in Seattle is a flat maze for kids to figure out. I guess it was easy, because it looks like she's running through it


stephen Hayes said...

Such a pretty little girl. Their minds at this age are such sponges. My brain was once a sponge but over the years I've wrung it out once or twice too many times and it's no longer as absorbent as it once was.

Don said...

Haha, love Stephen's comment about his mind being wrung out too many times; that must be what happened to mine as well!

I think E's new haircut is great. Very cute and has to be easy for her to take care of herself.

Eric P Roy said...

Great article, I appreciate well thought out posts like this. Kudos!

Colleen Barnett said...

Thanks for sharing again, Joe. She's sure growing up fast. xx

The Blonde Duck said...

Does she like her new hair? What's she going to be for Halloween?

Colleen Barnett said...

thanks for visiting, Joe. Cadets means once a week she goes along to training for 3 hours, where they learn marching, dress, discipline, uniform care, and other skills. A couple of times a year they go on camps with other regiments and learn other skills such as orienteering and survival skills. I also believe they are taught how to use a firearm. Overall, it teaches them self respect, respect for others, and discipline. She's mad keen and so are we!