Friday, October 07, 2011

Rain in Vegas

It's been a rainy week in Las Vegas, and unseasonably cold. When we got up this morning it was only 46f - normal is usually much more than than. But should be back up to the mid 80's by Monday.

Because of the rain we have had some dramatic clouds. Coming in to work one morning I caught a double rainbow over where I work

Which terminated right in the middle of the Strip.

Somebody was probably down there pulling the slots looking for that pot of gold.


stephen Hayes said...

If I remember correctly, finding a pot of gold in Vegas isn't difficult; holding on to it is.

will said...

Dad used to say, having a pot to pee in was one step up from poverty. A pot of gold ... that's probably better than a chicken in every pot.

karen said...

Hi! I once found your blog, and then lost it again... I'm happy to say I have rediscovered it!! I love these very appropriate Vegas rainbows!

Don said...

Nice photos of the rainbow! Whenever I visit the strip I get parted from some of my money so I guess it was pointing to the right place.