Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tivoli Village

Back again to Tivoli Village, a shopping center that opened up over on the west side. It's basically a small outdoor shopping mall. It was sitting untouched in the middle of construction for several years, then finally finished and opened a few months ago. Most of the storefronts are still empty, business being what it is. There are several restaurants and a large underground parking area. I think it was supposed to be part of a condominium complex, but those buildings are probably quite a few years off if to be build at all.

It's a different type of architecture, not sure what they were going for but the name makes me think of someone's idea if Italian.

On weekends they have a band set up on the central street, and a small farmer's market.

Most of the trees are big versions of those tacky crystal trees I associate with grandma's parlor, but about twenty times as big.

The pizza parlor there was pretty good.


stephen Hayes said...

This place will probably look great when it achieves the patina of age. I like buildings that look like they've been around for a while, like Luxor, which has been in Vegas for thousands of years, right?

Anonymous said...

I will really enjoy reading your blog because everything I know about Vegas is from the movies. It will be great to get a local perspective!

Virginia Gal said...

busy week for Las Vegas! You know who needs an upgrade the Rivera on the Strip...or is that the next oldish hotel to go??

A Daft Scots Lass said...


SOL's view said...

Crystal trees. Novel!