Monday, November 22, 2010

Three things - baking

Thoughts of Clare's TBT

1. At sunrise, looking at the full moon just above the mountains to the west. It’s above Red Rock Canyon, and in the morning side light the ridges jump out from the dark canyons, rocks bright red in the morning sunlight.
2. I spent the day yesterday baking, one of my favorite activities. The house smells like cinnamon and spices with a background of chocolate.
3. Sharing a box of goodies this morning, watching people eat the variety of things I made. And getting an official looking certificate for my "amazing baking contribution". I get to add this to my desktop display, next to the trophy for best chili I won last week (my first time making chili)

1 comment:

Don said...

Too bad you didn't get a photo of the moon over Red Rock. That would be fantastic.

I don't do much baking, only an occasional cake. Chili, though, is a favorite. I think using diced meat is critical; going back to hamburger will just never happen!

Have a good one!