Thursday, November 11, 2010

Around town

Some interesting things happening around town.

A few evenings ago the phone rang and it was an automated call that started “This is a survey about which Republican presidential candidates you would vote for in 2012 “at which point I hung up. Thinking about it, perhaps I should have heard the options and found out what was coming; it was probably a Sarah P promo anyway. The sad part is the fact that I got a call at all. That means there was only a one week break from the last election calls to the next election calls. The volume of calls during the month prior to the election was pretty disturbing out here, with the Angle/Reid contest generating a lot of interest and money we were getting three or four calls a day just on that one, plus all the other races with money for calls, plus both parties frequently calling for donations.

Recent revised government statistics came out last week, and counting people that are out of work and have given up looking and those working part time but really wanting full time jobs our unemployment rate is just over 22%. Using the counts of people actually collecting unemployment insurance it’s more like 14.7%. Whichever, it doesn’t help those out of work at all. The latest round of foreclosure figures that came out today show Vegas is still number one in the nation on that list as well. It kind of goes along with the unemployment numbers: if you get fired and can’t find a job then you can’t make the house payments.

Our weather has been windy and cold, with highs only getting into the low 60’s. It snowed up on Mt. Charleston, so we have white peaks on the mountains to the northwest already – the ski resort there usually opens around Thanksgiving, it’s an hour drive away from the Strip and a break for most of the residents that don’t get to see snow except on TV. (I know, you really feel sorry for us right now). Anyway, the sun is still shining, and you can see that Vegas isn't all lights and casinos.


will said...

It's a sad commentary when newly empowered republicans say their main goal is making sure Obama isn't re-elected.

Call me nuts but I think ALL elected reps should be working to improve things instead of bickering and chest pounding.

Then again, as George Carlin pointed out, "We're circling the drain".

SOL's view said...

Phone calls to canvas for donations and political points of view? Whatever will they think of next. Telemarketers are bad enough!

Don said...

Nice photo. I agree that I'd love for some politicians actually work for us; but I dream.

Have a good one!

Colleen Barnett said...

Ah, God Bless the Do Not Call register here. The only people who can call us are charities looking for donations. And boy, do I get calls from them, both at home and at work! Sheesh!

You could always let it go to message bank and screen your calls... :-)

Pamela said...

no new political calls yet.