Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This summer we will have a new customer here at the convention center; the television show Wheel of Fortune will be out to broadcast live shows for ten days. In preparation for the live show they held auditions this past weekend. Anybody could walk in and be given a preliminary review, then if passed take part in a sample program in order to assess their personality, and eventually a selected few were chosen to come back in late July to be on the real show. I wasn’t here this weekend, so I am not sure how many thousands of people came by, but it was probably a maintenance crew that did the interviews and not the host himself. Sorry D, you came at the wrong time. No pictures of the activities, but I did find their show bus parked out in our remote lot.

Also in the photo, just to the left of the big yellow vehicle, is a kind of do-it-yourself kit for building. It's all the parts for one of those tall construction cranes. You just pour a big flat concrete base for it, start standing up the pieces and connecting them together like a bit erector set, and you end up with a four million dollar crane that is fifty stories high and ready to help lift things so you can put together your high rise hotel or office building. I'm sure it was purchased in anticipation of the construction of our new convention building, to be located right there on the lot where it is being stored, about a block down the street from our current location. Construction was put on hold when money started to get tight, but will be starting up as soon as the economy starts to turn around.

As a follow up to my post of the umbrellas a few week ago, it seems the waterfall area of the big resort hotel casino next door was enhanced by the addition of some additional greenery around the fountains. This did seem to make a difference in the atmosphere down there.

I don’t know if we are starting to compete with the Bellagio conservatory, but our space is not as large as theirs, or as open and available. But it would be nice if seasonal decorations did come through.

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