Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sing along

There is nothing exciting happening here this week. It was a warm sunny weekend, but we had some of our typical Vegas wind. We are supposed to get some cooler temps and a chance of rain for the rest of the week; I am ready for the nice spring weather, normal highs for this time of year are supposed to be in the upper 70’s. Last week we had a big security show filling all the upper halls; there were thousands of video cameras and computer screens and door locks and security gates and fences and some fancy patrol vehicles with cameras and radar antennas and infrared sensors. No shows in the big halls this week, so a lot of people are taking a few days off, but there are some conferences up in the tower suites. Next week is the big semiannual bridal show followed by textiles and produce.

I missed videos yesterday (sorry DM) so here are a few. This week I was thinking of songs that always make me sing along. Usually there is a chorus or individual phrase that just sticks out and comes around again and again, just begging you to jump in. I usually just sing along in my head (fortunately for my co-workers) but when in the car I feel free to just shout out. Last week the country music award show was here in town, with all of the attending singers wandering around town for a few days, and appearing at assorted shows. Toby Keith has a restaurant here, and he showed up there periodically and performed. Brooks and Dunn were also here, which resulted in some of their older songs popping up on the radio. They have one that produces wild sounds from almost everyone familiar with it. Come on, you know that you also just have to join in on that long note: Mari i i i i i i i i i i i a

Country Western songs are pretty good for singing along to. There is usually a pretty strong back beat and a few lines that are repeated. Hannah Montana’s daddy had a big one a few years ago, I can’t find a version to embed so you’ll have to click, but Billy Ray with his fancy hair does a pretty good job. A few months ago after this first came out I remember seeing a little three or four year old boy with the same haircut, down in San Diego there was a big cowboy contingent living in trailer parks out in Poway that loved that stuff. The video is filled with big hair, but I like the comparison of all the fancy boots with silver trim on the line dancers with Billy’s flashing sneakers. In line with that, Wide lawns pointed to Mulet Junky which demonstrates that hairstyle very well.

Just a few more - my Ipod is filled with songs I like, and as I walk and listen I’m at least humming if not outright vocalizing. Queen had a few

As did the Beatles

Can’t make my voice warble like Roy’s, but that’s OK. This version has a lot of instrumental time, but the words are still all there.

We can reach back even further, to some songs that I sing along to because I've heard them so many times it all seems very familiar. There isn’t a quick catch or short phrase in this one, but I’ve heard it so much that I know all the words. And I love the feathers.

I like to listen to Sting, his older songs back with the Police when he looked a lot younger:

So, what songs do you like to sing along to?

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