Thursday, April 09, 2009


It’s getting on into springtime here, but the weather isn’t cooperating too much. Yesterday was cold, only got up to 69 (our normal high should be 76) and tomorrow even colder with rain predicted! Come on, time for the sun and heat around here. The Clark County Fair is this weekend, just four days ending on Easter Sunday. Not sure if we’ll go this year, we did last year; I still have the photos to post for that one. It was fun, but I don’t know if I can take it again.

The big resort hotel casino next door put up some springtime decorations. The front lobby of the new tower sprouted umbrellas and raindrops -

The long vertical strips are sequentially lighted moving downward, imitating the appearance of rain (in some designer’s imagination). These were also placed in the waterfall courtyard as well.

After I took these photos they decorated the big fountains, with trees and bushes, I’ll have to walk back and get some updated shots. With the sunshine we’ve been walking outside, even though it’s been a bit breezy it is nice to see all of the tourists out there taking photos and enjoying themselves. Spring break week, and the food court has been full of kids, it should slack off a little bit for a few months and then we will be into our summer crowds. The trees are still full of pollen, and when the wind blows it brings stuff from all over down to the valley, producing lots of nose problems for those with allergies. Going out to my car the other day I found some in evidence

The car was clean - all the stuff on the hood is yellow pollen from the pine trees nearby. You can see them just behind over my roof. Interesting how it comes down in strings like that instead of an even powder coating.

Most people are not affected by the pollen from pine trees - the allergy doctor I went to said the pollen is too big for people’s receptors, right now it’s the mulberry trees that are bothering most people, along with just about everything else that is blooming across the desert. I still would much rather put up with this than the rain and snow though.

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