Monday, April 20, 2009

Around Town this week

The weather has finally warmed up, it’s over 90f today, and hopefully we are on into warm Spring. I like it when the weather is hot, and can’t stand the cold or snow. Driving in to work in the mornings now is bright instead of the pre-dawn gloom, with the sun in my eyes peeking between the hotel towers. On the way home it’s the opposite, with glare from the west in my eyes.

On the way home I’ve been stopped at a traffic light and seeing this building, wrapped in the latest advertising gimmick. Here in Vegas they put large advertising signs up, often wrapping up an entire 50 story hotel with whatever advertising slogan is willing to pay. A few months ago a vodka company paneled the sides of the Luxor pyramid, and Tony Braxton was on another hotel with Barry Manilow standing tall on the Hilton.

This is what the same building looked like a few days later.

On the way into work I pass a number of billboards. Sorry, no easy place to pull over and take photos, but one is for a local company ‘looking for stars’. They are willing to pay you $500 for sitting in front of some video cameras for a short while. Well, you won’t be exactly sitting, unless you want to, but you will be naked and performing by yourself. The local paper had a story on the adult content web site that has these billboards up all over town, and had a ton of letters to the editor complaining about the story. The second billboard is for a local attorney that defends against DUI accusations. That one offends me more, as I have to drive with those idiots and would love to see them punished. These come right after the topless club, which is on its third name in less than a year, and always has a line of cabs and limos out front even at my commute time of 6:30am. Just path these is the exit triangle where the news vans park. I usually see a van there with camera and lights set up at least a few times a week, sometimes two of them from competing stations. I caught one of the vans driving home the other afternoon, sorry for the glare.

We are trying to do our bit to help the local economy by patronizing off Strip facilities. We first hit Capo’s, a new mob style steak house that opened recently near our house; it’s in a building that used to be Hooters. It looks like they hired some of the former waitresses, now covered a little more in black outfits. The décor is supposed to be old style, with red walls and black leather booths. You enter through a little vestibule where you knock on a little window, a face peers out and asks who sent you, then opens a secret door. The food was fairly average, not too impressive, and with wine the evening cost us about $120. A week later we went to Rosemary’s, one of my favorite restaurants. The atmosphere was nicer, the food a lot better, and a professional wait staff was on hand rather than attractive young women that had problems remembering the specials.

We hit Capo’s on a Friday night, right after they had a nice write-up in the morning paper. Rosemary’s visit was on a Tuesday, as they donate a portion of Tuesday meals to different charities each month. This month is Habitat for Humanity, which B volunteers for, helping build houses. The economy must not be doing too badly, as both places were packed with every table filled and people waiting in the attached bars to be seated. Rosemary’s ended costing about $140, and for the slight difference I would much rather keep going there. For steaks we like Flemming’s, where the prices are a little less than Capo’s, the food better, the interior more pleasing and the waiters again more professional. But they are all better than

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