Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Three interesting things

In following the tradition of Clare we again try to come up with three interesting things. She finds three beautiful things every freekin' day and I have a hard time recognizing a few once in a while. Oh well, I guess it depends on your attitude.

1. Walking down the hall at work on Monday I found three women from food services standing around a cart talking and laughing. One of them appeared to be very embarrassed and the other two were doing most of the laughing. Getting closer I saw that they were leafing through a pamphlet pointing at pictures inside. That was when I realized that the adult expo show had closed the day before and they were looking at a product brochure from one of the vendors. I don’t know which one it was, and really didn’t want to ask them, but it was evident that at least two of them found some things in there very amusing.

2. In the southwest US we usually get a week or two of wonderful weather in the middle of January. When we lived in San Diego this gave B a chance to prune all of our roses when they were fairly dormant. Here in Vegas she is out trimming the wisteria out front and cutting the sage bushes that we have all over. Christmas week we had snow (snow! In Vegas!) and just last week the nighttime temps were down around 26f at our house. Next week it will be cold again, but this morning it was 32f, and will be warming up to 69f this afternoon, and it is scheduled to be in the mid sixties for the high all week.

3. Yesterday we walked around the canals of Venice at lunch, listening to the singing gondoliers. After work B and I went down to New York and wandered the back streets of Soho, then crossed the street to the MGM, watched one of the lions playing and had a bite to eat at a jungle café with singing birds and roaring elephants looking down at us. Where else can you visit so many different places in one day but Vegas?

4. OK, an email just came in while writing this and it just seemed to fit. From our head of housekeeping: "Front Lobby Entrance: The Custodial dept. will be buffing and waxing the sidewalk today. Starting from East to West, a walkway area will be available throughout the process." Do they wax and buff sidewalks anywhere else?

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