Monday, January 12, 2009

Music remakes

For some reason I started to post some favorite videos on Mondays, I guess just as another reason to share some things. But, as with my local photos of Vegas I’ve been a bit remiss in pulling stuff together to post. So, back to some amusing things today. I have always found it interesting to see how different people can take the same basic product and end up with totally different variations. Usually the remake of a movie or song is not as good as the original, but once in a while the latest version is better. Here are some videos with remakes, nothing dramatic but a bit different. (and Dana, good news, no clown videos today).

I have seen Alianis’ version of My Humps for a while now, but last week someone posted a reference to it, and I went to find the original.

Alanis purposely made an amusing version of this song, but looking at it, Fergie’s version seems equally amusing. Anyway, with a little different beat here is Alanis.

Beyonce showed off her legs in Single Ladies

And I think she did it again on Saturday Night Live but with Justin Timberlake joining the background dancers. He does pretty well in those heels. So, it’s not really a remake of the song but of the dancing

But my favorite person for remakes is Weird Al Yankovic. I first heard him on an LA station a long time ago (I think it was on Doctor Demento), before his first album. He showed up in the studio with his accordion and played a few old favorites. Since then he has come out with dozens of songs, but I like his versions of Michael Jackson songs. Unfortunately most of them have embedding disabled, so you have to click on the links, but tow of the best were Beat it by Mike, and Al’s version Eat it. On a related note, I guess if you eat it, first there is I'm bad followed by Al’s I'm fat.

I could go on and post lots of Weird Al’s videos, but please bounce around and see them for yourself, like his remake of Madonna’s done as Like A Surgeon, or Living in Amish Paradise, or Smells Like Nirvana. OK, here’s one that I think of a lot, the local station plays Another one Bites the Dust by Queen

And whenever I hear I just sing along using Al’s version (along with the accordion), Anther one Rides the Bus.

That was Al in his first TV appearance, back in 1981. Good comparison of the drum set with the one Queen uses.

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