Monday, January 19, 2009


I just read that it was six degrees with ponds frozen over in places that don’t usually expect that. I am not laughing at the minus four in Rochester, I used to live there and that is warm compared to the -20 it sometimes gets. Over here it’s been a little different, so of course I want to point that out. You were all laughing at our snow last month, well, back at ya.

We take a lunchtime walk here, and either go around the property outside if it is nice or just wander the canals and casino floor in the big hotel casino resort next door if it’s too cold or wet. Which means that yes, we are usually outside. I noticed last month the one outdoor restaurant that we have was closed, probably due to the weather. Well, it looks like with the warm spell the request to dine outside was enough for them to put out the heaters and open a few tables.

Nice sitting in the sunshine, but in the shade even with the 65f I guess the overhead space heaters make sitting on the Strip quite pleasurable. I spent the weekend working on our front patio cover. We put a big concrete patio out back shortly after we moved in, and my son helped me cover it all with a big solid steel overhang. I put in lights and some outdoor fans, which make it very nice to sit outside there. We have a front courtyard that is a good size, but just gets too hot in the summer being surrounded on three sides with the house blocking any breeze. Since we have the solid covering out back B wanted semi-shade out front just to be a little different. When we pulled out the concrete and put in some nice pavers last year I did dig down and put in footings for the covering supports, and finally started on the overhead. Ordered the steel a few weeks ago and B painted it, so this weekend was spent bolting in the verticals to hold up the top and constructing the steel frame up there. We haven’t decided on what covering we will use yet, B is leaning towards some 2x4 boards stood on the 2 side, so with the steel frame up I guess I’ll just buy a half dozen boards and lay them up there and move them around until B is happy with the spacing. So I was out in the sunshine in my t-shirt getting a little vitamin D directly thinking about you cold people. (can I laugh out loud now?) We live here for the sunshine, and I just love the hot summers.

Walking around inside last week we came across another wedding taking place. They pull out the white boat only for the weddings, and the minister hits the final I Do part right at the big turnaround at the end. The gondolier kneels down and says congratulations, then breaks into song. Not much of a crowd around, it’s been kind of empty last week, but we still applauded.

Getting ready for Chinese New Year, the year of the Ox. So a golden one is set up in the fountains between the two casinos, and lanterns are hung behind by the waterfall. There are red banners all over the place, and the number of Chinese guests really jumps up the week before.

We didn’t have any shows in the big halls last week, it was breakdown from the ones the week before and setup for the shows this week. A big computer chip company is upstairs right now, and a sporting goods show will take up the rest of the room tomorrow. So the crowds should be bigger this week.

I usually post videos on Monday, but just wanted to share what was going on here because Deana was kind enough to share her story about a frozen pond. No pictures from her though. So if you came here for a video (Dana) I will give you one. It’s the Count’s first appearance on Sesame Street, back in 1972. Appearing with Cookie Monster, one of my favorite characters from the show. I think I like Grover best, probably because he is usually the underdog, compared to Super Grover, but Cookie is definitely up there for me. No singing, sorry.

OK, I’ll break down and put up some music you can sing along to. C is for Cookie.

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