Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday videos - Mike J

First Monday of the year - hope exciting things are ahead for all of you. Here at work they are setting up for the freaks and geeks groups - the adult expo and the electronics show, two groups that don’t really seem to go together, but we are half rented out to each. Maybe more for the electronics, as they also have most of the ballrooms and meeting rooms in the tower next door. I was busy at home this weekend with around the house work. Our swimming pool pump died a few weeks ago and I ordered a new one, spend this weekend cutting out the old and installing the new, in our cold January weather. But I would much rather put up with a few months of cold weather in exchange for the rest of the year’s warm. It comes with such beautiful sunshine and blue skies and far vistas and dry.

I was reading Loraloo this morning, in which she was pointing to a Michael Jackson video. I remember Mike fondly, he made such marvelous videos, but unfortunately YouTube does not permit embedding for most of them, so I’ll just give you a few links and let you click on those. But first, here is his long one, Thriller:

One of my favorites is Billy Jean. And another good one is Beat It. Keeping with the B’s, full of M dancing was Black and White, with McKauly Culkin, I really like the way it switches faces at the end, with the redhead’s hair popping out . All three having Michael dancing around, and pretty good visuals. Besides, he lives here in Vegas now, so we always see little tidbits about his appearances around town.

That last one reminds me of the opening to Twisted Sister (what do you want to do with your life?)

And because I never got back to it on Friday, here’s an E shot, just because:

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