Monday, December 03, 2007

Video Monday - for fun

Back to my non November don’t post on weekend style. Sorry guys, it was just too much and I think next year I’ll join the Queen in the non-NaBloMo whatever event.

And for DM: sorry, again I did not make the annual Santa run, even though over four thousand people here did. Maybe next year. And I was playing trains down in Boulder City and missed the regular marathon on Sunday. This year saw over a hundred couples get married during the run, and 215 running Elvi also participated. I tried to link to photos over on our local paper, but they are tightening up on their copyright policies and just will not let me do it, so you will just have to picture standing in the middle of 215 of them in white and gold jumpsuits and big hair running down the street.

As long as we are doing funny things, let’s do some interesting videos. More blasts from the past, that also feature our favorite characters over at Star Trek. First it’s our young Mr. Spock doing his ballad about Bilbo Baggins.

And let’s not forget the captain’s venture into audio legend. Here’s William Shatner doing Lucy in the Sky, in a pretty hokey video.

OK, let’s move on to something completely different. Lisa passed on a reference to this absolutely brilliant stop motion video of two friends. It's not music, but please click on and watch this one, very well done.
Tony vs. Paul

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