Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday videos

It’s been a semi-quiet week at work. The only show going on is Cowboy Christmas, in the downstairs hall. This comes in every December, matching the National Rodeo Finals taking place in town. The hall is full of boots and big buckles and black hats. I thought only bad guys wore black hats, but now it seems that almost everyone does. So I thought I would present you with some of my favorite quiet songs. First is Louis Armstrong singing What a Wonderful World – not much trumpet, but he does have a voice that fits.

As long as we have Louis, here is one with a little more trumpet, from 1967 Hello Dolly

I was going to switch to something completely different, but why not stay with Mr. Armstrong. Here is a much earlier movie short featuring him, Rhapsody in Blue from 1932.

Boy, talk about black stereotypes from that period, dressed in leopard skin and everything.

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