Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Books books books

Last week I received an unexpected package in the mail from somebody in the UK. It was all full of literature on the area around Nottingham.

Now, my only experience with Nottingham is in watching movies about a band of guys that live in Sherwood Forest and are continually chased by a sheriff that supposedly comes from there. But it looks like I will be learning a lot more about the area. Hopefully someday soon I’ll get to return to the UK and visit some people scattered around the countryside– I have a growing list.

I also finally received something I ordered from Amazon a month ago – it’s a book about living with a Twat. It gets added to my pile of books written by bloggers that I read on line, and have made the transition to publishing on paper.

Clockwise from the top right, there is One Stop Short of Barking by people related to the Underground, then comes Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl by Belle de Jour, two books from Deana’s husband Martin about life in the south, the new arrival, My Boyfriend is a Twat by Zoe, and the Dying of Delight by Clare, who also has moved into live storytelling and also directly distributes her short unique stories, two of which are also pictured.

Soon to come is another book by Clare and a third one from Martin. I have found all of these to be interesting reads, and am looking forward to more stories about the Twat as I get into that one, along with learning a lot about an area of England I am unfamiliar with. Thanks all for expanding beyond the electronic word.

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