Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holiday prep

What did we do to prepare for Christmas? Well, the weekend before was rather windy, resulting in the last of the leaves to be blown from our trees, so we spent Christmas Eve raking and bagging.

The evening before it was rather cold, the first time it was below freezing for more than a few hours, and we had our first ice on the courtyard fountain. Granted, it’s not much, but it is hard water.

Down on the strip the new $6,500,000,000 MGM City Center is coming along, haven’t heard when the projected opening date is, but it looks at least a year away.

And at the big hotel next door to where I work, the new tower is done on the outside and in the midst of county fire inspections, with hopes of opening the new 40/40 night club for a big party tomorrow, and an even larger one on New Year’s Eve. Beyonce is due to help with the opening.

Work has started on the new condo tower, no idea when that one will start taking tenants.

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