Friday, March 23, 2007

Request for help

Just a little sample of what’s going on around town this weekend, there is something for everybody: Hugh Hefner’s 81st birthday party at the Palms (along with all of his girls); Dave Mathews Band, Blue Oyster Cult, David Copperfield, Jay Leno, Carlos Mencia, Stevie Nicks, Don Rickles, Sinbad, Al Stewart, plus all of the standards that are here permanently. Every act seems to come through Vegas. I think we even had all of Cher’s final tours, along with Barbara’s.

Request for help: I’m trying to put together a list of good places to eat around town. Since I live here we don’t usually hit the Strip, so I am unfamiliar with most restaurants in the places the tourists go to. If any of you have visited Vegas please email me with the places you have eaten – good or bad or forgettable. Joeinvegas at joetheprogrammer dot com. Thanks.

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