Friday, March 23, 2007

E Friday - more food

Well, on again to VG’s E Friday. Oh – start out with bad news. The house is sold, so E will soon be off to live with the folks in Portland. Eventually the photos will run out and we will have to switch to something else on Friday. Well, I do have about seven thousand E pics, having a digital camera and just clicking away, but the majority of them are not postable – you know, typical kid shots of the back of their head when they turn just as you push the camera button and stuff.

Let’s keep going with this week’s eating theme – back to the last time we went out for dinner. E’s moved up from bottle to sippy cup to straw, and is getting pretty good with the straw.

Boy, just looking at that picture makes me think of those old master's cherub paintings. Without the straw and bib of course.

Though at times it is a challenge to find your mouth, or find the straw with your mouth when you are distracted by dad talking to you.

And with the warm weather last week grandma introduced E to the joys of ice pops. These are supposedly no sugar added fruit pops, but they still taste sweet enough. And forks don’t work too well on them.

And when you are finished eating the end while grammy holds the stick you end up with a two handed sweet thing that’s better than the lipstick mommy wears.

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