Monday, March 12, 2007

The gift show

It is interesting to work at a convention center. Each week there is something different to see. I started here just after the electronics show and adult entertainment show, so I’ll have to wait until next January for those to roll around. This week the place is empty, so I get to do my lunchtime walks around a big (really big) empty dark room – only a few lights are left on, it costs too much money to keep the expensive lights on all the time. Last week there was a show aligned towards stores: new forms of advertising (signs, lightboards, etc); shelves and displays; furniture and lights; and all sorts of ways to show off products. The week before it was a gift expo – small manufacturers showing off low cost gifts for small store owners to look at.

That show was big – over four thousand booths of stuff. Most of it was duplicated, several booths with about the same stuff, such as ball caps or stuffed animals. But it was interesting to walk around and see all of the things on display, kind of like walking around a huge mega mart. A million square feet crammed full of stuff. Here is an impression of all that was there. Not much need for words.

And finally something new. Similar to the Bratz dolls that came out as competition to Barbie, these are Goth dolls, with tattoos and piercings and lots of black.

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