Friday, March 30, 2007

E Friday and Spring is here!

Except for the past few days, the weather has been really nice around here. It looks like the snow has melted around most of the country, so you all shouldn’t be too frozen. In honor of the arrival of Spring I present a few outdoor shots this week.

First, it appears that spagetti and meatballs goes very well with yogurt and berries.

And yes, it looks like the left hand is used more than the right – at least she can do a spoon per hand thing if really required.

And after you are done eating the table is a perfect place to sit with your animals.

(see Lisa, stripes!) This is what it looks like from a distance, talking with Grammy sitting nearby. And yes, that is Buster sitting there too. Max is wandering around somewhere, probably behind the bushes or off peeking through the side gate keeping guard.

E has become one with the boys - when Max sees something in the street and starts barking Buster usually runs over there to join in, barking along the way. After a few seconds E will also run over to the gate, barking along with the crowd. She does a very good imitation of Max's vocal stylings. I'll have to get a video of her doing that, and try to figure out how to post it.

Boy, that last shot sure makes Vegas look green, doesn’t it? This time of year it is, well, that part of the yard is green all the time – the tall cypress trees don’t loose their leaves, and the rosemary in front is green all year, the ash tree peeking in from the left does go bare in the winter but it provides nice shade in the summertime. If I took this picture in January it would look about the same, but E would have on long sleeves. In July B would have a lighter shirt on, but still long sleeves to keep off the sun.

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