Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Up to 2003

Oh dog, I just clicked on the 'casualty count' link and we are up to 2003! Two thousand and three American military personnel killed in Iraq so far. This morning's paper talked about some British military stuff, but no British casualties. No mention of our hitting 2,000. But opinion polls do say we should spend the money on katrina rebuilding instead of Iraq. But old W will do both, and keep getting people killed. GET OUT YOU GIT! @#$$%%^&^&*

Sorry - looks like I can't read - just looked at the counters again and it's 1907 US war dead, 96 British, 101 'other' for a total of 2104. It lists 2005 Iraqi police and guardsmen deaths. No civilian count.

But what the hey - 2104 is still pretty bad, no matter who they are.

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