Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sorry ?

Sorry for sounding like such a snob about the fancy food and stuff. I realize that $40 for a meal is a lot, with everything in the news. But we live in a town where the cheapest show is $65 for ninety minutes, the average new home price is $305,000, and I am doing OK, thank you. The cheapest Strip hotel room is $129, the cheapest at the Bellagio is $249, and the city sits at 98% occupancy rates every weekend. North Las Vegas is the fastest growing city in the country. Somebody likes it here.

I am still laughing at that TV commercial for whatever, where this guy walks around his place, talking about having this, having that, riding a lawn mower around the yard, and asking 'How do I do it? - I'm in debt up to my eyeballs - will someone please help me?'

Maybe I can win the lottery - some 78 year old man just won a progressive for the second time - $28,000,000 this time. Leads to another old joke:

Little Jewish man prays every night 'please Lord, I have worked hard all my life, let me win the lottery so that I can have a little pleasure'. Prays every night. Prays every night. Then one night a loud voice comes from above 'Jacob . '. The man, cowering now, says 'yes, Lord?'. - 'Jacob, help me out a little, at least buy a ticket.'

Yes, we walk around the casinos, but I don't put any money down.

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