Friday, September 09, 2005

more rambling

Wow, a week with no posts. Sorry, just got filled up with things. Didn’t realize how challenging it would be to start clearing out somebody’s room. Or distributing the items too nice to be thrown away (walker to a friend from the church, books to the nice book lady, knitting stuff to the craft group, etc.). Or find out all of those mother’s day cards from all the years were kept in the dresser drawer.

Quite week at work. I am debating what to say about New Orleans, but find that there are so many words from so many people that I probably couldn’t add anything. If I did it would be about how easy it is to let somebody down. Care about yourself and not the other guy. From all directions = ‘I just want to be reelected’ (guess who, but it can only happen once thank D), ‘Where is my aid? I can’t take care of myself!’ (OK, some can’t, but many should), . . .

Best opinion was on Brighton's site (need to add her to my list). I read one article about people in Mississippi; helping each other, cutting down trees, one guy opening his house for medical support (on PBS radio), doing something on their own instead of sitting. Then look at the TV of the dome, seeing all the trash, hearing ‘where is the help?’. Come on, do something yourself. Put the trash in one place, use one area as a bathroom instead of anywhere, instead of sitting around do something useful. Have people become so dependent that they cannot start helping on their own? I know you cannot create water and food, but you can do something instead of just sitting around complaining. Clean up the area. Get sheets from the hotel across the street (OK, that’s looting, bad idea) and wrap up the dead instead of leaving them sitting in wheel chairs in a doorway. My rant.

Makes me wonder what I’ve done for the world recently. Yes, I donate blood regularly – was up to thirteen gallons in SD, up to about two here. I give money when asked. I volunteer time for some groups. Food drives? I’ll fill up a few bags at the supermarket and bring them in. Is it enough? Who knows. Do I do it to make me feel good? How can I tell if it’s for me or them, it would feel the same.

Reading some blogs, makes me wish I could write as well as others. I can’t open Daniel’s (to the right) without laughing. Most of you have interesting things to say, thanks for doing it.

Boy, some rambling here. Better stop now

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