Friday, September 02, 2005

Labor day friday before

Question to our Swedish friend from one of the kids:
Don't you have Fourth of July in Sweden?
Of course, but we don't need fireworks to celebrate it.

We've got Labor Day Monday making this the start of a three day weeked. I am ready for it.

Three things I am thankful for:
1. It's September! August is over. Thank Dog. (see post a few below, under the pumpkin - no comments on that one?)
2. Three days not being here!! OK, I like this job, but I also like not being at this job more. (don't tell my boss, but he isn't coming in over the weekend either)
3. The sweet scent of carnations. Bought my wife a bunch of flowers on the way home yesterday (I try to every Thursday, or at least every other). She put them on the table behind the TV couch, so I can sit there with the dogs watching CSI reruns (new episodes on Sept 22!!) and enjoy the scent. OK, the dogs don't watch the reruns, that's me. They just lie there.

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