Tuesday, July 23, 2013

busy weekend

We had a nice weekend. Started out with meeting Rob from Scotland and his family for breakfast at Bouchon’s on Thursday, then walking them around a few casinos, ending up at the Bellagio watching O. The group is traveling from Chicago to LA on old Route 66, hitting Disneyland and then going on up to San Francisco. Sounds like a very nice vacation – wish I could take a month off and do something like that.

On Friday evening they came over to our house and started with a swim in the pool – it was 42c (106f) with water temp of 33c (92f), all temperatures a little above what they are used to. We ended up getting forced out of the pool due to a big thunderstorm that quickly blew through – rain, a lot of lightning, and winds gusting to 70mph. We see storms like that fairly frequently in the summer, but a first for the group from Scotland. We ended up with a big Mexican dinner, and they took off to rest up for a Grand Canyon helicopter trip the next day.

I ended up spending all of Saturday back at the Sands, helping to set up Mr. A’s birthday website. I did the last one for him five years ago, when he turned 80 and flew 300 close friends on the corporate 747 to the new Sands casino on Macau. This year for his 85th he is taking a similar sized group to the new Sands casino in Singapore. The private web site lets them sign up for events, tours and the big birthday banquet. As last time, everyone seems to wait until the last minute to decide a web site was required, and then continue to make changes every day. The event is now just two weeks away, and still management is requesting changes. I wonder what type of notice they got that this would be Mr. A’s birthday party. Surely the hotel had to reserve a block of rooms, and the planes had to be scheduled, and and and. Oh well, more work for me.

On Monday a measurement guy came out to take the final measurements for our kitchen countertops. They’ll be fabricating this week, and come out to install next Monday! Then it’s backsplash tile, trim and flooring. We may have a completed kitchen in a few weeks. Yea!

Let’s finish up with another sky shot. Taken long before the storms came in.


angryparsnip said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful sky photo.

The storms that blow in fast and leave just as fast are very exciting and are very different for many people who don't live in the desert.

Yea ! for the counter tops.

cheers, parsnip

Blond Duck said...

I want to be like Mr. A when I'm 85!

Don said...

As long as the check is good.....

I can see where your visitors from Scotland would be melting.

Angelikas Photographic Sketchbook said...

And what a lovely sky shot it is. The formation of the clouds seems unusual.

Rob said...

According to the helicopter pilot the next day the shower that forced us out of the pool was the heaviest in Vegas since 1951: 25 mm in one hour. Made a nice change from the melting. Thanks again for a great evening. Hope Mr Sands appreciates your efforts (room for you and B on that 747?)

And indeed yay for the counter tops. The kitchen will look great once they're in place.