Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost December!

We just went through a nice long Thanksgiving weekend and are preparing for Christmas. December used to be a quiet month in Las Vegas, but that has changed with several groups converging here. This weekend will see the annual Cowboy weekend with the Nationals Final Rodeo at Thomas and Mack center with sub events all over, Nascar will be back at our speedway up north, the Rock and Roll Marathon takes place on the Strip, and on Saturday will be the Santa Run (the one I participate in). So whatever your interest there seems to be something.

Out in our backyard it is finally Fall, the leaves on the peach tree have turned yellow and almost all fell off suddenly, and the ash tree is a nice bronze color.

The only unfortunate thing is that all the Thanksgiving turkey has been eaten up. I just love turkey sandwiches.


Unknown said...

Wait. You have trees in your backyard? With pretty fall colors? Totally not fair! I have a dead patch of grass. *whine*

stephen Hayes said...

These are the colors landscape painters love. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Sorry the Turkey is all gone but it's amazing how good a can of beans tastes after four days of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Colleen Barnett said...

Fall (or Autumn) here is sometimes my favourite month. The air cools, the leaves change colours. Truely magical. I vowed this year I would get myself up to the Adelaide Hills and take some lovely photos of the leaves, with woodsmoke and fog filtering in the morning sunshine.

But I'm a fat lazy lizard and didn't get there... never mind, there's always next year!

SOL's view said...

The photo looks lovely. If only autumn colours appeared in spring. When I can actually handle being outdoors. ^.^