Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Steam engines

I play with toy trains, and at times like to look at real ones also. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Union Pacific Railroad, and as part of their celebration they are having one of their two steam engines, UP844, tour the country. It's in Arizona right now, and on Sunday will be coming to Las Vegas from San Bernardino. Due to arrive Sunday afternoon and be open for tours at the rail yards downtown Monday from 9 to 5. This is the first steam in Vegas in eleven years, there are only a handful of running engines around the country and it is something you don't see very often. If you haven't seen a live steam engine then this might be your only chance - they are big and impressive. This one was built in 1929 and has been restored by UP.

It's pulling a train of pretty yellow UP passenger cars.

Not many computers in the cab.

It is more impressive up close (in Gilbert, Arizona last week).

There are some nice Videos here.

All photos from the UP Facebook page

I plan on driving down to Kelso on Sunday morning to see it running through. Probably joining a big crowd of steam enthusiasts, but we'll see.


Don said...

There may not be many computers in that locomotive but there sure are a heck of a lot of valves! Cool!

stephen Hayes said...

These pictures remind me of one of my favorite songs, The Spirit of New Orleans by Arlo Guthrie--"our fathers' magic carpet made of steel.."

The Blonde Duck said...

Do you build model trains?

Virginia Gal said...

who knew you were a train fan?! My hometown hosts an annual rail festival (Manassas, VA). For me it was an opportunity to volunteer and get some hours for National Honor Society.

SOL's view said...

There is a rail yard museum in a small town apparently not too far from me but I've not been there.

I did see a steam train a couple of months ago taking passengers on a special trip around the city. That would have been fun!

I have memories of taking a steam train ride for something or another while I was a child. I remember lots of noise, steam and coal dust. Oh and blood poisoning from stepping on a piece of broken glass while paddling in the creek at the picnic. Fond memories!


Colleen Barnett said...

SOL, would that be the train trip up to Many Peaks when we were about 10 and 12?

We have a small steam train does a back and forth trip on weekends and public holidays here, between a few of the little coastal towns just south of Adelaide. They are a big hit and lots of fun.

Joe, if you have model trains, you'll have to show us! said...

There is a five-year-old boy standing behind me oohing and aahing over the photos! Our last train ride was at the Steamtown National Historical Site in Scranton PA. We're due for another!

karen said...

Magnificent steam engine!Hope you enjoyed viewing it..

I've been catching up, and loved the space video, as well as those crazy 80's memories!

Granddaughter E is so gorgeous - you have some really lovely photos of her! Those fields of flowers are stunning..

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

How utterly fantastic! As you know, I have my own fondness for the old steam trains - I missed IndieTracks this year (our local music festival run at the nearby home for restoring steam trains where they have their own short train line). Lovely stuff. Hope you got to see a train or two!

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you had a good holiday!