Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday videos - 80's girls

Looking up the YMCA video last week just forced me to look at a bunch of 80’s videos that were listed along the side as related. But before we get to those, LMFAO just came up with a new one that I found rather amusing. It even has Ron Jeremy dancing:

OK, back twenty five years. Let’s do the girls and girl groups today. I don’t think this one would get airplay today, much less back then. It would have been remade with a different top. Those things sure want their freedom

I rather liked Bananarama (at least the name). They came through town a few months ago.

Did you ever walk like the Bangles


Cyndi is still around having fun

And a young Kylie

OK, enough big hair already


SOL's view said...

Oh. Oh dear.

I can remember singing along to Sabrina's Boys Boys Boys while MOTH tried to find out how see through that white bikini really was!


Some oldies there!

The Blonde Duck said...

"I work out."
Love it!

Marinka said...

I'm having serious 80s flashbacks. I blame you,

The Blonde Duck said...

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

What Marinka said...

Used Cars Las Vegas said...

Wow, I love the 80's, especially the euro pop; Sabrina, Samantha Fox and Kylie Minogue 80's hits. I'm surprised you know about Sabrina; I think her song Boys Boys Boys was more famous in Europe than America.