Saturday, December 04, 2010

Santa Run

This morning I finally got to participate in the annual Great Santa Run, put on by Opportunity Village. I’ve missed the past years due to conflicts, when it was run downtown on Fremont Street. That would have really been neat, but this year it was moved down to the south end of the Strip at Towne Center shopping center.
We all got Santa suits to wear.

There were a number of kids participating

And dogs

Of course our mayor, Oscar Goodman, appeared along with his standard two showgirls. Well, not really 'our' mayor, as we live in the township of Spring Valley and the Strip is not in the Vegas city limits but in the township of Paradise. So the Santa Run was held in Paradise.

For the girl Santa’s there were pink portapotties

And eventually we were off – around 13,000 or so, with counters from the Guiness Book of Records. I’m sure their counts were low, as we saw a lot of people that didn’t register with them.

Finally made it, it was interesting to be with such a big red group.


Jammie J. said...

There's something you don't see every day... pink porta-potties. Oh, and 13000 Santas. :)

How long did the event last?

SOL's view said...

That looks great! Hope you had a great run. Or walk. Whatever. :D

JoeinVegas said...

It was a 5k run, and about half the people there were running. Not very well though, with all the rest of us walking. It was around the outside of the shopping center. We started gathering at 8, there was entertainment and talks, and the run started at 10. It finished up by 10:30. Interesting while it lasted, to be surrounded by all that red.

Don said...

Was that you on the front page of the Review Journal? LOL Good for you for participating.

Karen said...

Oh, you still have hair...and it's brown not grey! :P I guess that pic is the closest to seeing the real you as we'll ever get....