Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Morning drive

I leave my house to drive in to work each morning around 6:30; it takes about a half hour. The drive in to work is almost due East, so I get to watch the sunrise, then if I’m a few minutes late have it directly in my eyes for a while. Surprising how reflective the concrete roads are; I can drop the visor down and look under it at the roadway, but now the road is almost as bright as the direct sun.

1. One day last week there was a sheet of high clouds over half the eastern sky. It was interesting to watch them move from black to brilliant red to a beautiful buttery golden then to bright white as the sun came up.

2. Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains, so it is very bright in the morning before the sun peeks over the eastern mountain tops. Interesting to watch the western mountains in my rear view mirror as the sun lights them up, showing off the dark valleys and rock formations surrounded by the bright red hills.

3. If I drive in a little early it’s still dark. The freeway I drive on crosses the south end of the Strip, and all of the big hotels and casinos are glowing with bright neon colors. It’s interesting to think of the thousands of people over there in the casinos still gambling, as there are no clocks or windows inside and you can play all night then stumble outside into the bright sun of the new day. Most of the big ultra-lounges don’t open until midnight, so crowds are still dancing away and drinking until mid morning.


SOL's view said...

That sounds like a beautiful way to start the work day.

Sure beats a bus.

Mo said...

Joe I get to see the sunrise every morning too, on my way to work. Last week we had some of the most beautiful sunrises.

It's my favorite time of day.

The Blonde Duck said...

I go to the gym then!

Colleen Barnett said...

Hey, that means you have a job now. I must have missed that post. last I heard you were still looking! Great stuff!

will said...

A sunrise, what's that? I don't think we've ever had one here in the Puget Sound area.

Daly said...

Vegas has the prettiest skies doesn't it? I usually catch the sunrise during my bike ride but lately is has been too wet and gusty to ride outside :-(