Monday, December 06, 2010

Getting cooler

Last week was pretty cold here in Vegas, low temps were down around -3c (26f) causing our tomato plants to finally freeze and curl up. I used the last red tomatoes in my salad last Friday, but have three bags of green tomatoes waiting to redden up for use again. Most are cherry tomatoes, and not applicable to creating fried green tomatoes.

Our peach tree started turning yellow, the ash trees out back usually go bronze after the first freeze, so hopefully that will happen this week. This produces a lawn full of yellow leaves, not really a big bright yellow tree.

The Shoestring Acacias alongside the kitchen and are in bloom, covered with little yellow puffballs that release a ton of pollen, really aggravating B’s nose. We have had a few brief showers at night, which come with some minor clouds, producing nice sunsets.

The sky is still nice and clear during the day, with daytime temps up around 19c (66f)


SOL's view said...

That's quite a temperature range. Early winter for us is more like 17C down to 10C overnight. Autumn is still almost summer like. :)

Don said...

Nice photos. I especially liked the contrails.