Monday, December 14, 2009

I've got a feeling

Sorry, it’s been busy around here just before Christmas. I’ve been supporting a manufacturing company that moves 90% of its annual sales during December, which leads to 13 hour days 7 days a week. But it’s a short term contract, finishing up Dec23 so I’ll be back on the job market soon. Ah well, that’s how things go, at least it’s better than sitting at home.

Some assorted things today, first an amusing video parody that lead to lots of discussions. First the original video by the Black Eyed Peas. They’ll be in town for two shows on New Year’s Eve.

I watch it and wonder why my wife doesn’t wear underwear like Fergie. Then I have to admit that she does not look like Fergie walking away (how many women do? Maybe it’s the heels. OK, probably you Heather but to be sure I’d have to do a more thorough inspection), but I love her anyway. It looks like a fun party, but at the end people are still falling down drunk, which lead to this version of the morning after. Sorry, no embedding, so you’ll have to click on Song parody. Go ahead, please, you’ll find this amusing. Was that like your college days?

After the Peas spent how many thousands of dollars creating the song and video, what does it take to make a good sounding parody? Well, you can pick up the Karaoke version someplace on the internet, or free software will pull out the vocals from almost any song so you can have the original music to sing to. Then you can get a free version of AutoTune to sing into, and you end up with a song that sounds pretty good. A not very expensive digital video camera and editing software which probably comes free with your computer and a few hours of fun with your buds, next thing you know you have your own video.

With Christmas coming up, please pay attention to the message in this video

And, just because I missed Friday for a while, here’s favorite granddaughter

And if you’re feeling cold, back in August the water temp in our pool was 93f

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